Monday, September 14, 2015

Monday, September 2015 at Paws & Paddles Cottage

A feeling of Fall has arrived suddenly.  A much cooler 68 degrees this morning for our Beach walk.
A stunningly beautiful sunrise.  The kind where the large orange like sun slides up and seems to be dripping molten lava into the ocean before making it's accent into the heavens.

This picture so doesn't convey how beautiful it was...the strong breeze and the cool air felt like heaven just a perfect morning. We were both looking forward to coffee when we got back to the Cottage. Funny how cooler temps make certain things taste even better than usual.

We had fun at the new Tybee Farmers Market taste testing a number of goodies this morning. The Farmers Market is open on Mondays from 10 till 1:00. Located off Meddin at the American Legion building parking lot.  LOVE IT... So many wonderful things.  Just a couple of hundred steps from the Cottage.  We loaded up on produce. Yellow watermelons, tomatoes, cukes, squash, avocados, and apples. All from Davis produce. Catie's Confections had a darling booth.  She is super nice and even though we Don't eat desert...mostly don't that is...We tasted her soft homemade ginger cookies...yes we bought a bag.  We will have to walk additional steps due to this purchase. But they were good.  Mike wanted one of her small Chicken pot pies. Then we had to try the smoked Barbecue pork and chicken.  A whole chicken hitchhiked back with us.  Pork Que sandwhich for Mike's lunch...I tossed some on my salad for lunch.  That chicken and some squash/tomatoes/cukes will likely be Dinner. I also picked up 3 white pumpkins for decoration. Muscadine grapes for Mike. He loves the Sweet Mountain Laurel wine that our local winery makes from these grapes. Lots of sweet pulp but very tough skins. A fun time...many other things available there. Our arms were full.  Next time we will have to try some of the special flavored ice pops and check out additional vendors.

It's starting to feel like Fall even at Tybee...warmer weather is still around and will likely bounce back in a few days. 

Catie's cookies and a small lemon cake.  Did I say we don't eat desert...well it is quite small...really!

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  1. So glad you enjoyed the market! I just had the eggplant parm from Frali's Gourmet and a chocolate cupcake from Catie's Confections. There are so many great choices from the vendors, including super fresh veggies, especially the tomatoes!


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