Monday, January 20, 2014


Cottage Crazy: HEADING BACK TO ROANOKE AND THE W: A nice stay on Tybee. Enjoyed lots of time in Savannah this trip. Coming back in February for the writers conference. Looking forward to ano...


A nice stay on Tybee. Enjoyed lots of time in Savannah this trip. Coming back in February for the writers conference. Looking forward to another winter get away. It helps get through the bleak January and February days. We are heading back into snow. Hopefully we won't have any problems traveling back in the snow. We thought about staying but I have to stretch these precious vacation days out as much as possible. Plus the colder temps are headed far south and will reach Tybee as well.

At least when we get back if there is snow we won't have to worry with plowing the driveway. We can just pull in the garage at the W. A snowy walk to work Wednesday morning but that is better than having to travel down Windy Gap Mountain and to Roanoke in the snow.

I always miss Paws & Paddles when we have to go. Sniff. But it is nice knowing we can come back in less than 4 weeks.

We do love our new urban life at the W as well. We were so forunate to have found just what we needed. Our neighbors are so nice and everything is taken care of for us. Dennis works so hard to keep everything just perfect. When I come home from work I can often smell the fresh scent that he uses when vacuming the floors as I walk in towards the elevator. Nice and no steps to struggle up.

Time to go pack. We are planning on leaving early to get back before dark. 

I almost forgot thanks to the two ladies at North Beach Grill at lunch today who let us pet and hug their two beautiful black standard poodles. I gave the larger male dog a big body hug the way I always did Hershey and it felt so good. He was a big boy but not nearly as large as Hershey. We both ended up wiping away tears.  We still miss our boy Hershey. 


Cottage Crazy: January 20, 2014

Cottage Crazy: January 20, 2014: Nippy morning. Cooler than usual due to the Polar Vortex this year. High expected of 66 today. Clear and bright sunny morning. The birds wer...

January 20, 2014

Nippy morning. Cooler than usual due to the Polar Vortex this year. High expected of 66 today. Clear and bright sunny morning. The birds were chattering and to my ear they sounded like they do back in Virginia when spring is right around the corner. Big blue herons, great white egrets, and smaller birds were wading in the watching them. Planning on some beach time later when the sun is the warmest. Hoping it gets warm enough for an outdoor lunch...possible if the breeze is slight. 

The birds right before sunrise. They always know when the sun is about to come up and start chattering like a group of children playing.

Sunrise! Always a treat when on Tybee.

Great shots from Anne's new iPhone. 

Mike took this one with his iPhone. Note the ships flanking the sun on either side. Savannah is the third largest port city in the United States. Soon they will begin the Big Dig to dredge the channel to gain an additional 5 feet of clearance for the new super size container ships. 

Snow forecast for Virginia tomorrow! 3 to 5 inches perhaps. We are keeping our eye on the snow. I keep thinking if not for work we could just stay here and the warm temperatures are sure to return soon. Last January this same week we were here enjoying temperatures in the mid-seventies. This polar vortex has even Fort Myers and Miami Florida in the upper 30s...this to shall past. We are coming back in February and hoping it will be even warmer. Either way...warmer than Virginia...some mornings there showing in the low teens...brrr.  Love this snow scene from a friend in Oregon...the evergreens all look like Christmas trees to me. 

Shot of Myer lemons from last January. This year the oranges and lemons for the most part are the same size but the cold temperatures a few weeks ago nipped the foliage and now the leaves are brown. Amazing difference in the same month year to year.  Just couldn't leave you with all that snow for the last picture!


Saturday, January 18, 2014

Back on Tybee & Savannah in January 2014

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Back on Tybee in January 2014!

We returned to Tybee/Savannah on Friday January 17th. Our first trip back since mid-December when we hosted for the Cottage Tour to benefit the Humane Society. Last year this week it was in the low 70s. Yesterday was great with temps around 66. Last night the dreaded polar vortex breezed in and this morning it was 39 and windy. It did warm up to 66 in Savannah by 1:00 today. We had a great day. Decided to do some outside walking interspersed with indoor activities. We parked in the Whittaker Garage which was well located to Bull and Broughton streets. We toured the Williams Mercer House on Bull Street and visited the Carriage house gift shop to purchase tickets. Tours start at the top of the hour all day. We only had a twenty minute wait till our tour. The tour lasted about 40 minutes and included the sunken Garden and the downstairs hall and rooms. It was an interesting tour since the house is fully furnished much as it was the day Jim Williams passed away in 1990. The grand hallway was 40 feet long with beautiful ceramic tile that was orginial to the house. Lots of art work and unique furnishings. Our tour guide was knowledgable and we enjoyed learning more about the house. He touched briefly on the murder that occured in the house. The murder was the focus of the Clint Eastwood movie, Midnight in the Garden of the Good & Evil. Eastwood filmed the movie in the house and Kevin Spacey played the part of the house's owner. Jim Williams was involved in saving and renovating over 60 historic homes in Savannah. He was 6.4 a tall and darkly handsome man who looked much like the character that Kevin played in the movie. The house is in remarkably good condition. The tour was $12.50 which we felt was reasonable. The gift shop had some interesting things. I restrained myself from buying a reproduction cheese board. We just downsized and gave away a boat load of stuff as I was reminded. So we left the cheese board for another buyer. Our next stop was the SCAD store. Items designed by SCAD students. A wide variety of items which you can see on their online SCAD shopping site. I found a leather and snake skin black purse that is still calling to me. Only 8 inches long but quite deep with expectionally nice hardware and a body strap. The design and materials were top drawer as reflected by the price. As we were walking towards the SCAD shop we noticed that SCAD trolley buses were taking people to the SCAD equestrian center for tours. We pass the center in South Carolina as we are coming into Savannah. Every time I mention how much I would love to see more of it. We asked at the store what was required to participate in the tour. It was Free and the trolleys left hourly. After our shopping and not buying spree we only had to wait a very few minutes and we boarded the bus for the 15 minute ride to the center. The center was amazing with facilities for 60 horses. The barn, riding arenas, fencing and fields were picture perfect. The tack room reeked of fine leather and the saddles and other tack were gleaming. Perfume to my horse loving nose!
The barn manager was a delightful young woman who was clearly passionate about her work. We enjoyed listening as she showed us around. They are preparing to soon build another large barn. A recent gift of substanial acreage insures that the SCAD facility will continue to prosper. The students compete in equitation on the flat, over fences, and dressage. They have 60 on the team and must compete for their spot each year. Their grades must stay at or above a 3.0. In addition they have responsibilities at the barn and must work out at the gym one day a week since they too are athletes just like the horses they ride. The horses are all gifts coming often from the show ring or rarely from the race track. The team competes with other colleges in nearby states. I asked if they had ever considered competing at the Roanoke, Virginia show and they have not due to the distance. They do compete in other Grand Prix events. After a short trolley ride back to Bull Street we walked over to 1 Broughton Street to the Kayak Kafe for an enjoyable lunch. It is a small local place and it was hopping.
We got the last available table. They have a nice web site and Facebook page where I had checked them out. The food was as good as the online reviews said and we enjoyed it and would return. A Starbucks was next door and since it was cool out we stopped in for Cinnamon Dolce coffee. We walked back from Broughton Street to the Whittaker Garage and headed back to Paws and Paddles to recharge and enjoy the last of the sunny day on the sun porch. All in all a delighful day. I had spent some time planning our day. There is so much to do in Savannah you can become overwhelmed without a good plan. Plus a car is a liability. Walking or taking a trolley or carriage ride is the way to really see Savannah. In a car you don't notice the important things. Walking can be tiring so again my plan was to see and do things in a confined area. It worked out beautifully. I hope to put together another day trip for tomorrow to the Jepson & Telefair Muesums. I also want to visit the new iMax theater in Pooler which is close by Savannah to catch the new Tom Clancy movie with Chris Pine in the role as a young Jack Ryan. Picture taking was not allowed at the Williams Mercer House so I borrowed shots from their web site. 

The Grand Hall entrance

The Exterior Front View
Marble Mantle

A Artists Rendering

Barn Exterior Front
A Dream of a Tack Room...the leather smelled heavenly.
Up, Up, & Away...

A well controlled strong trot...
The land behind the trees was recently donated to SCAD
Web photo of the covered arena...
Some of the SCAD Team from the web site.

Doodles of horses from the Web Site...Thought these were very representative of the horses we saw and loved on today.