Saturday, May 3, 2014

Tybee Sand Art Festival - May 2, 2014

We noticed 4 young men already digging sand on the Beach at 6:30 this morning when we arrived to watch the sun come up. The SCAD students started coming out in force around 8 and by 9 there was lots of activity!  Many different designs, various outfits, sand tools, shovels, trowels, frisbees, buckets for water, cardboard, actual lumber, quite a odd assortment of things all rounded up to bring the creative forces to bear on the SAND. Great fun watching all the activity as they got started.

It's A Hermit Crab


This was actually quite good and very large.

Best of the Turtles. 

Java the Hut?

This took an amazing amount of work. They built wooden forms and then sculpted the designs.

Coral Reef

This turned into a great Dragon.

Boat being over taken by a sea creature.

Saturday, May 3, 2014 Sunrise with Dolphins

It is promising to be another Sunny day with warm temperatures. Planning to spend most of the day over at the North Beach.

Friday, May 2, 2014

May 2, 2014

Yesterday was mostly cloudy. Sprinkled rain for less than 5 minutes so we decided to head to the downtown part of Tybee near the large pier. We toured the tiny Tybee Aquarium to see their displays on Loggerhead turtles and the local types of fish and some of the shells.  A nice touch tank for live shells and sea critters. Worth the $4 to walk through. Donations support the Loggerhead Turtle rescue programs. We actually found two live shells on the beach yesterday near the jetties on the far North Beach.

This one I believe is a Lightening Whelk. The animal inside was fully out when I turned him over. Very interesting to watch him quickly retreat. The brown shell like foot is how they push themselves along the ocean bottom. 

This is a Banded Tulip Shell. Very pretty. You can see the sea creature's claws as he quickly withdraws inside the safety of his shell home. 

A nice shot of the jettie where we found the live shells yesterday morning at low tide. Love the pelicans! Off to the side of the picture is a young man playing his guitar. Not sure if he was just entertaining himself or playing for the pelicans or perhaps trying to lure in a MerMaid!

Anne and Mike at Tybee Light.

Mike showing off his balancing skills and his good looking legs.

Sunrise this morning still a little cloudy. Alternating with blue skys.

The SCAD Sand Art Festival is this morning from 10:00 to 4:00. We saw four enterprising young men already digging like mad with shovels piling up a large quanity of sand. It looked like they were digging well below the high tide that may be interesting later. 

Off to see how they are doing with their Sand Art sculptures...