Wednesday, September 19, 2012

It's Wednesday already...It has been so relaxing!

A few pictures from our week so far. This was our view when we met our Roanoke Friends for dinner last Saturday night. This was taken from A.J.s outdoor seating on their dock/deck. We love the location so much that we bike up often for lunch. A nice bike ride from Paws & Paddles.

Our Sunday Sunrise...I have way too many of these but each one is different and special...the light breeze, the salty smell of the ocean, the many birds, and hot coffee makes this a great way to start the Day.

This is the daytime view off of the dock/deck at A.J.s overlooking the back river area. A great place to see all manner of boaters coming in, including Kayakers and Paddle Boarders. Fishing here might be fun since you might catch something you would typically have to buy for dinner! We are doing our part to help the local economy by eating out at least once a day! Flounder oh my so good I have had it twice and then Oysters, and I steamed a pound of fresh caught Georgia Shrimp...gone!

Our Tybee Neighbor and Friend John is in the light beige Kayak leading a group trip for the next 3 days for Georgia Sea Kayaks! He does a great job and knows the area well. Plus he is just a nice fellow and is very interesting to talk with since he has lived in several different places and all are very interesting and different.

Mikie enjoying his comfy chair and the sunrise...the coffee is in one of the two required Cup Holders. Ahhhh.

Love catching the pelicans gliding by so quietly...

Tybyee favorite color.

I thought this would make an interesting screen saver for the computer...or if I could blur out the shapes and just use the suggestion of shells with colors and some shapes it could be an interesting painting. Planning on getting back to doing some of that this fall and winter when we can't be out side!

Tybee has a small park near the cottage with a short greenway that winds through palms, a creek and under moss laden live oaks. The perfect plan to enjoy nature without cars and give our boy some exercise.

A cute cottage near the picture doesn't do it justice it isvery well done.

A better shot of " Island Bliss "

It always shocks me to look up and see a ship this size.  Savannah is the 3rd largest Port in the U. S.

Our sweet boy watching the ocean from the safety of the deck!

We had a couple of brief rain showers yesterday but not enough to stop us from walking in Pulaski Square in Savannah for a while after lunch. We love Soho South Cafe nearby so we had a nice long lunch that was so good we choose to just have coffee for dinner last night with a bite of desert from lunch. They are only open 11 to 4 check them out if you are ever in Savannah.

We are off to plot the rest of our day. Hoping for some more biking and a longish beach walk at low tide. We go to the north light house beach and often find my favorite olive shells.  I am sure we will need to find somewhere for lunch in between. Lots of choices on Tybee, and one of our other favorites is Tubbys Tank House just up Rt. 80 on the way in to Thunder Bolt Marina. We are excited that a Whole Foods is building between here and Savannah by 2013 and a large I-Max cinema.  So if you get tired of the beach you just drive towards Savannah and find lots to do or better drive the 20 minutes in and Park your car and it is amazing how beautiful the squares are and how much there is to do and see there. Planning a trip in to the museums they have a new exhibit this week on everything to do with the ocean. Laters...

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