Monday, September 17, 2012

A beautiful morning on Tybee Island

We smelled the coffee and woke up in time to go to watch the sunrise even though the Savannah forecast had been for clouds. It turned out to be our best morning. The wind was blowing just enough and felt as soft as a feather on your skin. We met an older gentleman who had a boat load of serious camera equipment and he said good morning it is going to be a great morning to capture the sunrise. I'll have to tell my little weather man Alex that the weather report isn't always accurate! To be fair they don't have a station on the island and Savannah is about 20 minutes by car...and island weather can be fickle due to the water temps, and ocean breezes. I captured a few good shots which I will share later.

I am posting this on the iPad which I couldn't do prior to an update!  This is so much easier than the slow clunky netbook. I still can't add the pictures. Mike found an adapter in the iPad store that will make adding pics easy as key lime pie. He ordered it with a quick click and it will be there when we get back to Windy Gap Mountain!

We have finally caught up with our sleep although everytime I sit down on my upholstered chaise in the sunroom with the breeze scooting by, the ceiling fan going, the creatures outside making noises, and the occasional blue heron, goose, or duck calling in the nearby marsh...oh...I also fell asleep just writing that! I love all of the cottage but truly I love the sunroom the most. Thank you Elizabeth. Elizabeth was the former owner and she had the sunporch built and it was 98% finished when she passed away in the hospital. She loved her little cottage from what we have heard and we have purposely left a couple of things as reminders of Elisabeth. A unusual lightswitch cover which depicts a Flamigo pink which incorporated two of her favorite things. She also had several kitties and was known to take them walking in a baby carriage. I also left a pretty brass butterfly pull on one of the fans...painted in pink.

We biked to A.J.s on the Back River for lunch...just far enough to do some sightseeing. I enjoy their food but truthly the view off their open deck is what I most enjoy. Boaters docking, kayakers going by and dophins frequently following a boat. Not to mention that the deck is situationed due west and if you go for dinner at sunset...plan on a longish wait but the sunset is always worth it and if you need entertainment just grab a drink and check out the crowd. Everyone from boaters, fishermen, 80 year olds who have been coming forever, lots of locals, you frequently catch Jane Coslick of Southern Living and Coastal Living decorator fame. She has restored and or decorated so many beautiful homes and cottages. A.J.s was were we finally decided on the perfect table for the sunroom. We looked at the beat up and rustic tables on their deck and both said this is exactly what we need. We checked it out and wondered if we could either make one or find someone to make one. We happened to be meeting Jane the next morning at Paws and Paddles to go over fabric etc. The table came up and Mike said we know what we want. Jane said great. Mike asked her if she had been to A.J.s she laughed a big Jane laugh...and said, " I have my own bar stool there "!  Even better her friend Joe actually MADE the tables at the resturant! Believe me Tybee is a small town and there are zero degrees of separation. Everybody knows Everybody! So we ended up with our favorite rustic table for the porch!

I need to go outside and play now...laters...

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