Saturday, June 29, 2013

Things I am missing from Paws & Paddles

 Paws & Paddles is booked solid for the summer!  That's a great thing. But I am starting to really miss spending time there. We will squeeze in a few days in August with the family there. Looking so forward to that. Then in September we will spend 10 days. My sister who recently lost her 57 year old husband is coming with us for the week. We are already thinking about all things Tybee and Savannah to show her. We are all ready for some Tybee Tyme.

Love our front guest room. We continue to get great reviews from all of our guests. We try to anticipate every need a guest may have from providing all the extras in the kitchen to post cards and postage stamps. High speed blender, great knives and cooking supplies. Outdoor grill, and plenty of comfy spots to enjoy Tybee Tyme!

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Cottage Crazy: New York - New York!

Cottage Crazy: New York - New York!: The 911 Memorials were very moving. The one at Battery Park was particularly moving. Two stainless steel walls formed a long open hallway. A...

New York - New York!

The 911 Memorials were very moving. The one at Battery Park was particularly moving. Two stainless steel walls formed a long open hallway. As you walk through you view the names of those who died that day. As you walk further you see the new Freedom Tower lined up at the end across the water. 

I liked the arc of light and the orb...sunlight effect or something more?

The 911 site was quite large and the two footprints of the building were recreated as fountain walls flowing down to a large dark square in the bottom. 400 trees have been planted. The fountains drown out the sound of the city. Sobering to see all the names on the walls...including the people on the planes and the 400 first responders that lost their lives.

New York is such a big City it seems to be constantly under construction.

We also toured Saint Patricks...beautiful...and under construction for renovations!

Another favorite area was Little Italy.  Really seemed like we were in Italy. Great Italian food, shops, and  lovely people. 

Next Empire State Building

An awesome trip. Yes I want to go back on my own. Thinking I would like to go and pick a small area to stay in and just concentrate on seeing everything in that small bite of New York. Liked the look of the W for a place to stay and a great location. I would take the train up. I loved the train station. 

We'll be back... 

New York Trip

Never been to the big City really looking forward to simply seeing the tourist sites!

We were only in the city Saturday, Sunday, and half of Monday. But we make the most of our time. Up early breakfast at 6:30 and touring by 7:30. Loved the ferry ride by the Statue of Liberty. I love just being on the water and topping that experience off with amazing views of the Freedom Tower an it's new spire, the Statue of Liberty, and the entire New York skyline was amazing. Windy and a bit cool but blue sky and bright sun made it all good. Plus I wore a tank top, t-shirt, cotton turtleneck sweater, fleece vest, and a fleece coat! Plus gloves. Not a fashion plate for sure but I was warm unlike the folks who showed up in shorts and flip flops. Met a darling young couple from Rome, Italy! A place on my bucket list to go see. A few pictures taken from the ferry follow.