Saturday, October 19, 2013

Weather is changing on 10/19/13 on Tybee Morning early...

Interesting Morning. As pretty as it could be before sunrise. A few clouds on the horizon with almost no wind. We biked over to the far north side of the island and enjoyed the sun and a nice breeze of about 7 miles and hour. Enjoyed watching the boats and a ship leaving the Port of Savannah while we enjoyed one of the many beach swings. After about an hour we noticed a thick line of gray clouds on the horizon. Very quickly they started coming towards us. Very soon the whole sky was almost covered. It was kind of exciting 

and a little bit scary. The wind picked up with a hint of cool air. It was 73 this morning. So far no Easton would say! We headed to Paws & Paddles for a great breakfast by Chef Mike. Enjoying being lazy on the sun porch. I got some nice shots of the full moon and the lighthouse this morning before sunrise. 

Mike enjoying his coffee in the surf. He has enjoyed his fisherman shirt with the silky material and many vents as well as his shorts with many pockets for holding shells etc.  from West Marine. This is the perfect Tybee combo with a t-shirt under. About as dressed up as one ever needs to be here! 

This is the far north side of the beach that we love so much. Usually very quiet. The birds and and the Horseshoe crabs are farther down the beach in the opposite direction.

We see this lady every morning before sunrise and every afternoon walking the north beach. Always in a pretty bikini with her hat cocked to one side to keep the sun off her face. When the water is warmer she swims the entire length of the beach. We were actually worried about her one day she had been out there so long. A fellow on the beach said not to worry she was fine and could stay out there for a long time with no problem. We also watched a man swim the length of the beach this week. Water was 71 and then climb out and run back down the beach. He looked to be 50 or so and didn't have an ounce of fat on him. I could easily imagine him as a secret agent or a navy seal with his short hair, tanned tall frame and his unsmiling face. Tybee is truly an interesting mixing pot. 

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