Friday, October 11, 2013

Heading to Tybee Tyme in the early a.m. tomorrow!

Looking forward to some Tybee Tyme. We have been crazy busy finishing up selling our Mountain home. Lots of discarding things we don't have to have in our new urban life. Moving and giving things away to family, friends and the Salvation Army. Moving some things to Paws & Paddles. Handling the legal aspects of selling real estate. All good stuff but stressful while I am working every day. We got it all done with the help of family and friends. Mike and Lorrie worked tirelessly the last two weeks. Maricelino helped by moving lots with his truck. Lorrie identified church friends who needed and were thrilled with 3 trucks of furniture. Anne jumped in and helped while keeping our spirits up by telling us we were going to get it all done and that it would be worth it! Suzanne encouraged me to go for what we wanted when we weren't sure about making a move before selling our house. So glad we did. Last night was a great example of why Downtown. I left work at 5:30 and we walked to the Taubman Musuem and enjoyed Thursdays Live. The exhibits were awesome, free music was great, and we enjoyed great food and wine in Norah's Cafe. Still got home before 9! None of which we likely would have done before. The night before we attended the town hall meeting about the return of Amtrack to the Roanoke Valley. Just the type of thing I had not been doing but like to do. We are going to try and catch some warm weather and enjoy our 45th wedding anniversary in Savannah and Tybee. More to follow... Our comfy King bed at Paws & Paddles awaits us on Tybee Island.

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