Friday, October 18, 2013

A Beautiful Friday on Tybee Oct. 18, 2013

A warm 73 degrees this morning on Tybee. Low thin clouds along the horizon didn't prevent a beautiful sunrise!

We enjoyed the very light soft breeze and then biked over to the far north beach to see the birds and horseshoe crabs on the beach. Hundreds of black skimmers with orange and yellow bills. Awesome. We sat on one of the beach swings after walking the beach and finding numerous large shiny olive shells. They are so shiny and perfect they looked like you purchased them instead of plucking them out of the surf. We seem to always find several if it is high tide or just after.

This is the side of the island that most tourists never see. It follows the river channel back towards the Port of Savannah. Very wild, very peaceful, and very much my favorite place on the island. Pictures can't do it justice.

The sand is smoother, whiter, and the beach feels more like Sanibel Island. Georgia beach sand tends to be more tan than white. The Horseshoe crabs are interesting. They dig in the sand and lay eggs and then have to find their way back to the surf...lots don't make it. 

We ended up staying on the beach for over two hours after sunrise since it was so delightful. The air had such a soft feel and the gentle breeze was comforting.

This trip is ending on Sunday morning when we head back to our urban home in Downtown Roanoke and cooler temperatures. We have enjoyed every minute. Still some time today and tomorrow so laters...

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