Sunday, October 13, 2013

A Tybee kind of Morning on North Beach!

A nice 70 degree Oct. morning bike ride to the North Beach to watch the sunrise. We were enjoying one of the many Tybee swings when I noticed to the left and slightly behind us a nice large woven basket. Next to it appeared to be a large blanket/quilt/rug type thing with what appeared to be someone sleeping on it. Under what looked to be parachute fabric! They appeared to be sound asleep. After an hour or so we noticed some movement. Quite a lot of movement. I believe we were witnessing the remnants of young love. A couple appeared and then more movement. I think they were looking for their clothes! More movement under the billowing fabric. Then they both suddenly sat up with clothes on. I was wondering if they might be homeless or out of luck and funds. While I was pondering this we were walking in the water down the beach. A glimpse back their way reassured me that they were probably just fine. They were both checking their smart phones. Too funny.

There were several professional looking photo shoots going on before the sun came up. One young lady was kneeling in the surf with skin tight colored pants on and a small lacy top while a photographer with crew holding all sorts of umbrella like thingies and flash devices was telling her how he wanted her to look and move. She was holding her beautiful full head of dark hair to one side and for all the world she looked just like a mermaid!  Another group was photographing a woman with a variety of huge pieces of colorful fabric as she played with them in the ocean breeze. Quite pretty. At one point she appeared from a distance to have large golden wings. She looked like a large golden bird!

We usually hear our resident bag piper play his welcoming song to the sun on the weekends. He wasn't out this morning which was too bad since we had such an interesting group of folks enjoying the beach. Just another Sunday morning on Tybee. Actually lots more activity than usual for Oct. I am thinking that things will quiet down as all of the weekend Pirates leave today. But it's adventure to see what each new morning brings us.

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