Saturday, September 21, 2013

Watching the Sand in the Hour Glass slip away...

We had another great beach day. A light to moderate breeze kept us cool. The warm salt warm was a treat to float around in. We decided for out last day a beach day was perfect. We all ended up napping at one point. The sun, the breeze, and the sound of the surf put us all to sleep. Interesting to see the variety of people at the beach. A number of Russians, Germans, and folks from all over the U.S. all enjoying the beach. By the end of the day we were sandy, wet, disheveled and didn't care a bit. The Outdoor shower felt amazing. I am going to miss that in Roanoke. Nothing like a Palm Tree for a roof over your shower.  We did a fair amount of biking this week which I love. Tybee is such a small town you can walk or bike anywhere you want or need to go. It has been a great week. The weather, the scenery, and the company couldn't have been better. We have had a great 10 days. Tonight we are likely going to do some packing. We have heard there could be some rain in the forecast after midnight. Might be better to pack the car early than later in the rain. I am planning on leaving a fair amount of my summer clothes here. We are planning on a return trip on Oct. 12th which is just 3 weeks away! We will probably need a few jackets for the next trip just in case it cools down a bit. This week it has been shorts, tanks, and bathing suits. I did manage to dress up all the way to bermuda shorts for the two days we spent in Savannah. The rest of the week black running shorts and my favorite tank top from Lighthouse Cafe in Sanibel Island. It is getting a tad worn but that is always when they feel their best. One of these days if we can pull ourselves away from Tybee we need to see Sanibel again. It is a unique place as well. Sugar white sand and tourquise water that looks more like the Bahamas than Florida. Great biking there as well as a beautiful wildlife refuge. 

Off to do some packing and someone mentioned going out for ice cream. That sounds like a great plan...

We have had 2 of these umbrellas forever and rarely have used them. It is usually too windy but the last 2 days they have worked like a charm. Probably kept us getting too much sun. We are all a nice reddish brown which should be tan by tomorrow.

Early this morning Anne and Mike waiting on the sun to rise. It didn't disappoint. Those jackets came off as soon as it was up.

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