Monday, September 16, 2013

It's still Summer Here!

We have had an awesome week so far. Temps have been about 10 degrees warmer than normal. It was 81 degrees just before sun up.  The water temperature is so warm it feels like bath water. We have been in the water more this week than all of last year. Very enjoyable. No jelly fish. I understand that Hilton Head was covered up with jellies a few weeks ago. It's all good here. We started out the morning with a huge container ship silently sliding by. This one had a long string of well lit windows down the middle of the ship. Very interesting looking.

It was cloudy at first but eventually the sun triumphed and we had a beautiful sunrise.

Nice start to an even nicer day. We managed to get in some biking today and a afternoon on the beach with lots of sun. We are all turning a nice shade of tan! We were hot and thirsty on the bike ride back. So we stopped off at the North Beach Grill near the lighthouse for drinks. We were crushed they did not have all their ingredients for a frozen mud slide. We settled for frozen Strawberry and Pina Coladas. Back at Paws for a nice cool outdoor shower, then a glass of wine and a bit of cheese on the back deck. Dinner on the oh so quiet sun porch with a hint of thunder rumbling in the background but no rain as yet. We polished off the rest of our Shrimp boil. Great big fat white Georgia shrimp, local corn on the cob and small new potatoes. Mike finished us off with a cup of coffee and Key Lime pie. I laughed and said it was like a party everyday. Anne said, We are on vacation you know! We are all full, tired, and nodding off! Tybee has worked it's magic again and we are all now on Tybee Tyme...slowing down to enjoy the sights and sounds of the island and our precious vacation days.


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