Thursday, September 19, 2013

A few of our Favorite Things that are sooo...Tybee!

The Tybee Lighthouse

Beautiful Wooden Screen Doors

Tybee Swings all along the Beach

Out Door Showers with Flair

Walking your dogs by Bike!

Awesome Sunsets over the Marshes

Amazing Sunrises over the Ocean

Our beloved Hershey at Paws & Paddles Cottage . Gone but Never Forgotten...

Brightly colored Bikes

Soft comfy Beds & Lots of Pillows

All kinds of birds. Pelicans, Skimmers, Heron, Egret, and Storks, plus more.

Shells. We found this baby on the South Beach at very low tide.

Directions to anywhere important...

Huge container ships heading to the Port of Savannah.

Marsh Birds. Mr. Heron.


Lovely Cats

Handsome Strangers

Seafood and Shrimp Boats

Beautiful Cottages. Paws & Paddles

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