Friday, September 20, 2013

Oh what an Awesome Day at the Beach

It had been decades since I spent an entire day on the beach. Today was the perfect Beach Day. A light to moderate breeze which allowed twin umbrellas to provide shade without a hassle. The shade along with the wet suits kept us nice and cool while we toasted to a nice light shade of brown! We spent hours in the water as well jumping the waves and just enjoying the warm and salty water. Our nice North Beach has the advantage of having one of the best food spots on the island just across the parking lot. So around 2 we sauntered over hoping for lunch and frozen mud slides. Lunch was awesome. Grilled Shrimp Citrus Salads were amazing. Shrimp grilled with a lite jerk seasoning, strawberries,mangoes, and candied cashews on a crispy bed of greens. They didn't have the mud slide mix so no slides today. I brought a old fashioned paper back to read. A Mary Kay Andrews paper back from her earlier days under a different name. It was very good. Started and Finished it in one day. That high school speed reading course has been helpful but sometimes I find I go through books way two fast. I left the Kindle at home and I didn't want to take the iPad to the beach. I actually enjoyed having a real book to read on the beach. Yes it got a little wet but that's ok.This was one of the set I bought at SeaSide Sisters that is autographed to Paw and Paddles!  We have all of her books in our new green repurposed Merita Bread rack...somehow knowing her junking ways that seems mighty appropriate.    

All three of us had a great time. It has been nice having my sister here with us. She and I share memories of our childhood that no one else know since both of our parents are gone. I have learned some things I didn't know about Anne. I didn't realize she really loves music. She knows the names of most songs and the artists for the songs being played by either the bands or canned music we hear in the restaurants. A fact I think is interesting since our Mom loved music. Her first job was with MacAvoy Music in Downtown Roanoke. She sold sheet music and records along with instruments. We used to joke that Mom knew the first 5 words to every song written and could hum the rest!  Anne loves the Beach, Shrimp not Oysters, and is easy going and up for anything we want to do. She hasn't biked in a long time but she has enjoyed biking the Island. Hoping we can continue doing some biking back in Roanoke on the Greenways together. She likes Paula Deen and loves her Pecan Pie. She doesn't like olives or Outdoor showers.  Fun that I know that now. One more day on Tybee till we have to pack up and head back to the real world with all of it's joy's and concerns. I think I appreciate Tybee because it is a retreat and a great get away from the concerns of the real world. Not sure I would feel the same way if we were here all the time. 

We watch his attractive lady walk both ways on the beach early each morning.  She often swim laps until we are worried if she is ok. She is an inspiration!  The temperatures have been warmer than normal but with a 15 to 20 mile an hour wind waiting for the sun to rise I have worn a light jacket. She was swimming in a bikini and I was shivering in the wind. LOL.

Another Beautiful sunrise this morning.

Love the Lighthouse. This morning I could capture the full moon and the lighthouse in one frame.

Mikie wandering back to the bikes. Time for breakfast!

The lovely sea oats are starting to fade away. In August they were lush and heavy with seed. Love the waving motion it is so relaxing. Hard to believe that Fall is just around the corner. We have enjoyed finding Summer in Tybee. Roanoke had so much rain it felt like the summer that wasn't. This week has more than made up for all the rain.

Looking forward to another sunrise in the morning.

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