Wednesday, September 18, 2013

A Beautiful Breezy Morning on Tybee Island

The temperature was warm but the strong breeze was impressive this morning on the beach. The combination of a high lunar tide and the strong breeze made for an awesome morning on the beach. 

This is a shot of the very far end of the North Beach. The wind is seriously driving the surf to shore. Interesting angle and the warm wind felt so good.

The sunrise was unique with rays coming out from the bottom.

It was much brighter than this picture. The camera corrected for the brightness and made it darker.

Love that the sea gull decided to become part of the picture!

My favorite shot of the morning.

A ship heading to the Savannah Port.

Another angle showing the power of the surf and wind.

We have laughed all week about my mistake in referring to these guys as penguins! Were the heck did that come from. It most be Tybee Brain caused by lots of relaxation and the odd glass of wine.


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