Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Tybee braces for Irene...just in case she hits Georgia.

We left Monday for the Mountains. We are already looking forward to a trip back for two weeks in October. We met up with the Mermaids and they suggested we store all outdoor items in our storage shed just in case Irene hits Georgia later this week. We closed all of the wooden store shutters and Paws and Paddles was tightly buttoned up just in case. Storm reports are looking currently as if Irene will miss Georgia but anything can happen. Hopefully the storm will be out of the area by the weekend. We are watching the weather closely. Our sailboat friends are in Maine on Lattitudes and they are doing the same. We have friends with cottages on Bald Head and we are concerned for them as well. It would be great if we all just get some much needed rain. More later...

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