Saturday, August 6, 2011

Hershey is packing for Tybee...don't forget the Goughnuts!

We are so excited about our upcoming long weekend in Tybee at Paws and Paddles.  We have been rented all summer and this will be our first trip back since the first weekend in May. We wanted to enjoy a bit of summer, cool off in that outdoor shower, and introduce Hershey to Tybee, his bed at Paws and Paddles, and Putty our neighbors beautiful standard poodle. This will be our first ever vacation trip with Hershey and for that matter any pet...we were never able to take our dogs when vacationing in the past. So...gotta help him pack. The list of must takes is getting long.  Wondering if we should take his big Orvis bed...since he loves it so.  Then of course his special senior dog chow, his stainless doggie dishes and stand, his favorite towel, his semi indestructible chew bone, and his Goughnuts are a must!  The Goughnuts just arrived and he is crazy about them. They came with a life time guarantee that if he chews through to the red interior layer they will replace them!  These folks have a hit with these puppies. Hershey can destroy anything in a few minutes. A tennis ball lasts less than 5 minutes! He demolished a rawhide bone seriously bigger than my arm in 20 minutes flat. The gonuts after 3 days...still pristine.  They have a sorta hickory rubbery smell thing going on and he will chew and chew and chew.  One is shaped like...yeah...a donut...and one is like a summer sausage. The both bounce like crazy. We opted for the black ones since they are the most indestructible and so far so good.  We collect his toys each evening and put them in a basket in the Mountain media room. The media room is on our lower level and Hershey's kennel is on the same level.  Each morning after his morning gallop in the yard, our 1.5 mile walk up the Mountain, water, food, and much petting...he then goes to the basket and fetches one of his toys...plays with it for a few seconds or minutes, then proceeds to get each toy out of the basket until they are all spread over the rug. He is exactly like a 2 year old child. It is so funny. Oh, he has a wardrobe of neck we will need to pack those...whew we may need a bigger car! available on line and at Amazon...

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