Saturday, August 27, 2011

Tybee Island Dodges Irene...

All reports via twitter, facebook, and google indicate Tybee Island survived Irene in tact. There may be some beach loss but that is still not clear. The surfers were out and had some amazingly large waves at one point. We are thankful that Irene did not come ashore on Tybee. We buttoned up our cottage when we left on Monday and secured all outdoor furnishings in the storage shed. We are still however glued to the weather channel and are concerned about friends with homes on Bald Head Island, Figure 8 Island, Block Island and New York City. Our cousin Carmen is holed up in her 5th floor Manhatten apartment with a friend and loads of supplies to ride out the storm. Fingers crossed all will be spared. We just saw a news clip filmed at Tybee on the Beach and the tide was way up the beach. They are expecting things to be normal tomorrow and the beaches to reopen for swimming. Savannah did not sustain any damages that we have heard. Thankful that those beautiful old buildings are still standing tall with their live oaks dripping spanish special. The Mermaids are on duty and will have the cottage fluffed and the outdoor furniture back out in time for our Labor Day guests. They indicated zero cancellations due to weather and the Labor Day weekend is sold out. The Oct. Pirate Fest weekend is also almost sold out. We will be there for that this year. Arrhhh...Thinking I need to be sewing up a couple of costumes! We purchased pirate neck ware for black and white. He couldn't wait and wore it back from Tybee Island on Monday...We will have to get pics of all and of some of the local color which is considerable.

We enjoyed the opening of the Dragonfly artist studio last week and purchased a couple of small pieces for the cottage. Nice always amazes me how friendly and open to conversation the local folks are...very refreshing. I never feel like a stranger. Seaside Sisters a favorite shop is having a big sale over Labor Day. Hope it goes well...sadly they have recently experienced a death in their family. Hoping folks will go out to support them. Friendly, amazing, delightful, whimsical, cute beyond words shop. Mary Kay Andrews the author of Summer Rental has a booth there with items for sale. Just read Summer Rental and it was a great quick beach read. Loved Leah's Journey Home by Gil Balance...our sail boat friend's Dad. It is on Kindle and out now in PaperBack at Amazon...excellent read...about his tough and sassy mother...Gil is this book goes away back to a very different and difficult time for women...especially for an unmarried mother to be.

North Carolina and Virginia currently have nearly 500,000 without power. Our thoughts are will all who are in the storms path...

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