Saturday, August 6, 2011

Watermelon Float...ahhh...summer time!

Sharing a Cool Drink idea from Joss...and a photo of a dining dream over...

Well-mixed drinks can elevate a cocktail party from good to spectacular. We think that every event requires a perfectly crafted signature cocktail. Whether you are relaxing outside simply enjoying the summer breeze, or hosting a lively barbeque, we believe our Joss cocktail, is the perfect refreshing touch. This sparkling watermelon confection tastes like summer in a glass!
Watermelon Champagne Float
Fresh Watermelon — 1 oz. juice, 3- ½ inch diced cube (additional slices for garnish)
Champagne or Prosecco — 3.5 oz.
Fresh Lemon Soda (Lemonade) — 1 oz.
Pomegranate Juice – splash
Mixing Directions:
Mix watermelon juice, champagne, fresh lemon soda, and splash of pomegranate juice over ice in mixing canister. Stir gently—don’t shake!
Add frozen diced watermelon cubes into a long-stemmed glass (the frozen watermelon cubes are delicious and act as ice without watering down your cocktail).
Simply pour the cocktail mixture and enjoy! Add an additional watermelon or lemon garnish if so desired.

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