Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Squeezing the Most out of Each Day!

We headed to Savannah yesterday afternoon. We toured the Squares for several hours then headed to Paula Deens our Lady & Sons. After lots of walking we were happy to sit, drink, and eat. If you grew up in the South and were lucky enough to have a Mom or Granny that was a good cook you will likely enjoy Paula's food. We were lucky to have numerous good cooks and we miss enjoying their specialities like Fried Chicken and Mac and Cheese. We had both and they were close to what we had the pleasure of growing up on. The restaurant upstairs was just cool enough to help us recover from our walking tour. It was large enough that you didn't feel crowded. We had a nice young man serve us and the meal and service were top notch. After dinner we enjoyed the nice breeze and walked to the Market area of Downtown and enjoyed hearing the music while strolling through shops and art galleries. 

This is Anne thanking Paula for the ride!

Even on vacation sometimes business comes up. Thanks to the assistance of one of our Head MerMaids we were able to borrow some of her technology and get that completed this morning so we could head back to Savannah for a Trolley tour. We wanted Anne to have a good over view of the city and felt the tour guide could do a better job than we could and he did. We so enjoyed the 90 minute tour with Old Savannah tours.  We're learning how to get around the city and where to park and lots of the history so we will are tour guides in training. A quick way to get to River Street especially for those who struggle with steps and uneven footing is to park in the Whittaker garage and walk out the Bay Street exit. Once on Bay Street go left a short distance and look across the street you will see the a large brick hotel, The Bohemian. Go in the front door and the elevator is right inside. Take the elevator one floor down and you will be able to walk through their restaurant and be right on River Street. You can also take the elevator to the top to River on the Rocks and be able to enjoy their roof top restaurant's view of the river. Worth the short ride up for sure. We did both. 

We enjoyed the river view, shops, and general goings on. The Shrimp Factory provided a nice lunch. The Candy Shop warm pralines...they are indeed FULL of butter and brown sugar. Yes they are awesome. We had a great time. The temperatures were warm but with the heavy breeze we were very comfortable. We headed back to the quiet of Tybee and the beach. Then biked to the North Beach. With  our beach towel rollups that a nice lady on Etsy made us. They consist of a large towel with a pillow sewn in that rolls up and secures with velcro. She make pockets for the outer roll and cloth handles so you can either carry them on one shoulder or put your arms through them like a back pack. Perfect for bikers. The wind and surf are still strong. The high tide is up due to us having a beautiful full moon.

I kept telling them to take a couple of steps back! They might have gotten wet. But you can see the power of the surf as it crashes into the rocks.

We enjoy the North Beach side of the Island. It is quiet and has an almost wild feel to it.

We rolled out our towels and relaxed until the waves starting getting too close. Then we biked back and watched the sun set on the marsh behind Paws & Paddles. A full but very nice day. 

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