Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Getting Ready for Tybee Tyme...

I made a Euro to match the fabric on the Chaise Lounge on the Sun Porch at Paws & Paddles Cottage.  Love the chaise but needed a little more support for the aching back...turns out the Worst thing for back pain is sitting, the only thing worse is sitting in a recliner. Of course I have recliners on all three floors on the Mountain...not good. Hoping the pillow will add some support. Planning on lots of beach walking, and biking for the next two weeks, along with a promise to the PT folks to do my PT routine twice a small feat since it takes 45 minutes minimum each time.  I plan to give it my best for the next two weeks...not sitting at a desk...and staying mobile is supposed to help...they mentioned avoiding stress...not sure how to implement that

Stage 4 of the outdoor turtle painting. Planning on putting it out on the fence near the outdoor shower. Still noodling as my friend Dale says...The good news I paint standing up so that works with the PT plan of keeping moving and avoiding sitting...of course I do have to sit for 7 hours to drive to Tybee...but I will have 2 weeks to keep it mobile. Wish me luck!

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