Saturday, September 24, 2011

Downtown Living Tour 2011 - Roanoke, VA

Downtown Roanoke has come along away from the day when the downtown area was basically boarded up. Today we have almost 1400 people living downtown in lofts, apartments, and condos. We have a world class museum and still retain our railroad roots and our hokie but much loved giant neon star atop Mill Mountain which is located in Roanoke City.  The Downtown Living Tour to showcase some of the new uses for old buildings was today. I have a few shots to share...would have had more but forgot one should charge their camera before planning a last minute photo shoot...oh goes!  THE Roanoke STAR atop Mill Mountain!

A good sample of some of the restored buildings. The taller of the two has been gutted and is ready for serious loft what you love... it's a blank slate with lots of exposed brick walls and tin ceilings.

This is a good example of what is being done with these buildings. The counters and floors are concrete...the counter material morphed into sinks in the kitchen and bath...kinda of like a high class horse trough! Loved it.

You have to love a dining table that is also a billard table and a poker table. I understand the legs adjust the height as needed! Awesome design.

Concrete counters morph into actual sinks in the kitchen and smart!

Bath sink...very Guy Friendly...

One of several very large murals on the sidewalk entrances to the Farmers Market building on the historic Roanoke City Market.

The Taubman Art Museum...amazing building for a small city of 100,000!

Wet bar with wine fridge...

Thanks Arts Council !

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