Monday, September 5, 2011

Laundry and Patio Improvements at the Mountain Cottage!

Used some pretty fabric and Tybee Turquoise paint to spruce up the Basement side Laundry Room...

Used a section of the fabric to go in a ugly old frame I already had...thought the limey green worked on it well! Thank goodness for spray paint. 10 minutes and you are good to go.

I used the same fabric to make a skirt to cover the Ugly Laundry sink...Mike figured out the Velcro application and I just had to cut it out and hem all sides. I could have gathered it...I suppose...but I don't like fussy fru fru...tailored was the way to go for me...and it also used less fabric. The fabric was 40% off at JoAnn fabrics but still more than I hoped to spend. Glad I got a couple of other projects out of it...a small pillow for my office chair at work for the bad back, the framed print, and a plate I have plans for with the last piece of fabric. So I think this still qualifies as thrifty!    

If you have amazingly shrarp eye sight you might have noticed the tiny bear next to the frame on the says...GrandMa! A gift from the superwonderfulgrandboy!

The planned add some Hodge Podge to
for a wall hanging...I later found an odd matching blue plate that I will use instead...unless someone calls me quick and claims the dark blue one! Thinking it was left here with cookies on hoping you didn't want it back! Fair Warning.

That Limey Spray paint covered the storage basket and a small $2.00 metal pail just the right size for clothes pins and fabric sheets!

If you have not tried a spray handle that just fits on the spray paint will want to...amazing how easy and you end up with a much better result and NO paint on your hands at all. Betting you already knew that...but I didn't until design Maven Jane Coslick clued me in...thanks Jane!

Mike is still planning on hanging my Large White Wooden Letters over the units ...W A S H   &  D R Y as well as a 6 foot long closet rod hanging from the rafters from 2 feet of chain...for the ideal place to hang clothes as the exit the dryer...hopefully before the wrinkles set in...I sincerely dislike ironing. I can at least NOW find my Iron...which had been a challenge in the past. The door from the media room to the basement laundry area turned out to be the Perfect Place to put a behind the door ironing board and iron holder! Saw this at a hotel I stayed in...thank you Conrad Hilton!  I even dressed up the 30 year old ironing board with a new cover in a riot of fashion can even improve an ironing board.  I will add pictures of the finishing touches when the superwonderfulhandyhusband finishes.

The Patio was less that cozy since we had a stellar view of the 
air conditioning units and lots of dank dark dirt and leaves.
The superwonderfulhandyhusband installed two wooden closet
rods...we bought $24 worth of curtains with button tabs at the new
Olllies...and we now have a lovely wall instead! It was a foggy rainy Labor Day...but we made the most of it!

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