Saturday, September 3, 2011

A few favorite pictures of Summer is slipping by...

Awesome !


I just love this room...I am thinking the menu must have been a cool summer salad and Lobster bites!

My favorite painting of the summer...clearly not mine...but I lusted after this one for Dragonfly Studios on Tybee Island!

My favorite painting at the Telefair in Savannah. The Dark Prince of Wales. Huge Painting and very moving...Mikie is standing in front for a gauge of the size of the painting.

Mike at our favorite spot on Tybee...right next to our beach swing on the north beach...thanks to the City of Tybee for having loads of swings, boardwalks, benches, etc. to relax on. We rarely even bother to carry our need and it leaves you free for really long shelling walks in the water!

Home at Paws & Paddles! Looking forward to cooler weather and fall at the beach!

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