Saturday, June 1, 2013

New York Trip

Never been to the big City really looking forward to simply seeing the tourist sites!

We were only in the city Saturday, Sunday, and half of Monday. But we make the most of our time. Up early breakfast at 6:30 and touring by 7:30. Loved the ferry ride by the Statue of Liberty. I love just being on the water and topping that experience off with amazing views of the Freedom Tower an it's new spire, the Statue of Liberty, and the entire New York skyline was amazing. Windy and a bit cool but blue sky and bright sun made it all good. Plus I wore a tank top, t-shirt, cotton turtleneck sweater, fleece vest, and a fleece coat! Plus gloves. Not a fashion plate for sure but I was warm unlike the folks who showed up in shorts and flip flops. Met a darling young couple from Rome, Italy! A place on my bucket list to go see. A few pictures taken from the ferry follow. 

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