Saturday, September 22, 2012

On the First Day of Fall...he gave to me...

A bagpiper piping on the beach at sunrise an ten dolphins leaping! Really!  We were on the beach before sunrise and Mike said listen we followed our ears and sure enough there was a gentleman on the beach with his pipes. He was getting tuned up and at the time of the sunrise he began playing. It was beautiful. Mike captured it on his iphone and me being me I walked up the beach and stayed behind him out of his line of sight. I took a couple of pictures that I will add later. When he finished playing he turned towards me and I gave him a thumbs UP! He smiled and I could tell he was friendly and would not mind a brief chat. Really enjoyed talking to him. Told him I have always loved the bagpipes. I don't know why but perhaps it's in some of my Hogan DNA! His playing certainly brought back memories of Mom's funeral in March. The piper played Amazing Grace as he walked away from the grave side and marched over the hill out of sight. The gentleman said he had played at funerals before and he had a hard time getting through it himself. I told him that his playing this morning was a special treat. He said he had been playing for 5 years and was still learning. He sounded great to us. I thanked him and when back to sit with Mike and finish my coffee.  I had hardly sat down until I noticed a pod of dolphins near shore. It was low time and there were 4 shrimp boats with their nets out nearby.  I love watching them surface slightly and blow and go back under. We see them several times a week if the tide is low in the morning. Today one of the dolphins jumped totally out of the water and flicked his tail before diving under the water!  He looked just like a dolphin performing at Sea World. A few minutes later another one jumped out of the water completely but this time more straight up in the air. The first had made more of an arc and then flicked his tail...I loved it. A great first day of fall!

Today is Saturday our last full day. The temperature is to be around 88 today. A nice 75 ish now with the windows open on the sunporch it is actually a bit cool with shorts on due to the gentle breeze. We spend most of our time on the porch...our favorite spot. We will have some more fall days here in a few weeks. So that makes heading North easier tomorrow.

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  1. We saw him when we were down there last year...very touching.


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