Friday, September 21, 2012

How can it already be Friday!

We have had a great week at Paws and Paddles. It is so nice to walk in and be right at home. Even Hershey calmed right down and got into his routine. He clearly understands this is his second home now. He is content for us to do our own thing while he chills on the sun porch under the ceiling fan.

We went to the Jepson Museum, in Savannah,  yesterday to see the amazing photos of Dan Winters. It was recommended in Gun and Garden magazine. So glad I saw their article. He has photographed Hollywood stars, NASA launches, you name it.  The Jepson also has an amazing hanging of quilts that each tell a story and some unique pieces of glass. I always play awhile in the children's sections with some of their creative ways for kids big and small to express themselves with found objects. They also have a high tech room where you stand in front of a TV monitor and a program they developed starts scribbling lines all over and it quickly turns into a picture of YOU! I could watch it all day...very interesting. We checked out several of the beautiful squares that we had not been to before. Very relaxing and the weather was perfect for a comfortable day touring. A slight breeze and low 80s but felt cooler under the giant moss covered live oaks. We worked in lunch at the SOHO South Cafe...a veggie friendly Cafe but they have lots of meat dishes as well. We shared some of the best bread pudding ever...very creamy and buttery so much so we skipped dinner!

On our second trip into Savannah... we had read and heard about Leopolds Ice Cream being made on site for the last gazillion years so before heading back to Paws and Paddles on Tybee we indulged. It was as good as promised and enjoying it in Savannah in one of the green and cool Squares probably added to the favor.  We still have not tried another Savannah favorite...Whoopie pies...think moon pies but made with cake sides and thick creamy icing in the middle...all types of to get to those next at Goosefeathers Cafe at 39 Bernard Street. Whoopie pies were a Amish tradition so named because the children would exclaim Whoopie on the days a Whoopie pie was included in their lunch pail! So for only a couple of dollars you to can have a Whoopie pie. They do them up in flavors to match the season/holiday. Green for St. Patricks Day and Pumpkin spice for Fall...sounds like Starbucks!

Savannah provides lots of parking garages so you can quickly dump the car and get to everything on foot. If that is more walking than you care for they offer a free trolley/bus to pick you up and drop you off. We love walking and have not used them but good to know you could.

I have not done any shopping in Savannah for clothes but there are some amazing small local shops that if I lived a fancier life I would have to check out. Apparently the ladies of Savannah have the opportunity to frequently get dressed to the nines and then some! One of the shops I especially liked was James Hogan. I noticed the Hogan name since that is one of our family names. They offer some of the finest European designers and custom couture by James Hogan...I am pretty sure that means if you have to ask how much you can't afford it. But is really is the most appealing little shop. No I didn't go in with my shorts and tank top...I think I would have to dress up first might just do that sometime! It is in a small neighborhood near some beautiful homes rather than in the tourist area. I found it when we rented a place nearby when we first stayed in Savannah and felt in love with the City and nearby Tybee Island. I would love to find a small but quaint apartment/condo in one of the old historic homes and fix it up for rental but they are extremely hard to find. I doubt that is in the cards but a gal can dream.

Hershey has been patient and he wants us to go to the park for a laters.

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