Monday, May 18, 2015

Back in Tybee May 2015

Delighted to be back in Tybee. Seriously needed some Tybee Tyme after some life challenges and a brief hospital stay. Arrived May 17th in Savannah and enjoyed lunch and piano music at SOHO before heading to Paws & Paddles. SOHO is our favorite lunch spot in Savannah. Tons and Tons of great places but SOHO does it for us. Shabby Chic decor and a relaxed vibe with great local food. Professional wait staff and everyone makes us feel at home.

Paws looked so good to us when we walked in. Roger our caretaker does an amazing job keeping things looking sparkling clean. We also had fresh flowers awaiting us. How sweet!

We unpacked in just a few minutes and walked over to the North Beach/Lighthouse for the rest of the afternoon.  I captured a shot of our shadows as the afternoon sun dropped. 

Yep that is my knee! LOL.

Several interesting things happening on the beach. A wedding, darling superman and spiderman super heros, and surfers.

Monday Morning Sunrise
May 18, 2015

Off to do some biking. Hoping we end up near A.J.'s on the back river for Lunch!  It COULD

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