Monday, May 25, 2015

We loved our quick adventure to Paws & Paddles in May 2015

We found the weather in May to be Perfect for Walking, Biking, and Sunning on the Beach. The water was a good temperature to walk in and we even waded in a few times waist high or better to cool off. We were there before the Memorial Day long weekend from Sunday to Thursday and it was quiet which made biking on the island nice. Another nice benefit was being able to get lunch at A.J.'s on the Back River dock without a wait. It is such a nice bike ride from Paws it is hard to want to eat anywhere else...when the weather outside is so perfect. Lots of great food for sure on the island elsewhere. There is just something about sitting out on the water and listening to beach music while knocking back a gallon or so of ice tea and eating great fish and seafood! A.J.'s sure does it for us.

We need to add a sign pointing back to the W in Roanoke, Virginia!

Mike at " OUR " Table.

The sunrises were also amazing each day. We were blessed with perfect weather.

We enjoyed just hanging at the beach several afternoons. I read Natchez Burning by Greg Isles (we heard him at the Feb Savannah book Festival) which kept me on the edge of my sand chair. Natchez Burning ends and the Bone Tree begins...I am hooked will order this week. The Bone Tree is already #7 on the New York Times Bestseller List. Anne started a Mary Kay Andrews book. I am saving MK's Beach House for some lazy afternoon at Summer Place on Smith Mountain Lake. 

This isn't our umbrella. We have a large shelter/umbrella thingie which is great for coverage/wind...just not beautiful. This one made my heart sing with all the Happy Colors as Tybee legend Jane Coslick would say.

I thought I would close with the Tybee Light & Flag for Memorial Day 2015.


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