Monday, January 20, 2014

January 20, 2014

Nippy morning. Cooler than usual due to the Polar Vortex this year. High expected of 66 today. Clear and bright sunny morning. The birds were chattering and to my ear they sounded like they do back in Virginia when spring is right around the corner. Big blue herons, great white egrets, and smaller birds were wading in the watching them. Planning on some beach time later when the sun is the warmest. Hoping it gets warm enough for an outdoor lunch...possible if the breeze is slight. 

The birds right before sunrise. They always know when the sun is about to come up and start chattering like a group of children playing.

Sunrise! Always a treat when on Tybee.

Great shots from Anne's new iPhone. 

Mike took this one with his iPhone. Note the ships flanking the sun on either side. Savannah is the third largest port city in the United States. Soon they will begin the Big Dig to dredge the channel to gain an additional 5 feet of clearance for the new super size container ships. 

Snow forecast for Virginia tomorrow! 3 to 5 inches perhaps. We are keeping our eye on the snow. I keep thinking if not for work we could just stay here and the warm temperatures are sure to return soon. Last January this same week we were here enjoying temperatures in the mid-seventies. This polar vortex has even Fort Myers and Miami Florida in the upper 30s...this to shall past. We are coming back in February and hoping it will be even warmer. Either way...warmer than Virginia...some mornings there showing in the low teens...brrr.  Love this snow scene from a friend in Oregon...the evergreens all look like Christmas trees to me. 

Shot of Myer lemons from last January. This year the oranges and lemons for the most part are the same size but the cold temperatures a few weeks ago nipped the foliage and now the leaves are brown. Amazing difference in the same month year to year.  Just couldn't leave you with all that snow for the last picture!


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