Monday, January 20, 2014


A nice stay on Tybee. Enjoyed lots of time in Savannah this trip. Coming back in February for the writers conference. Looking forward to another winter get away. It helps get through the bleak January and February days. We are heading back into snow. Hopefully we won't have any problems traveling back in the snow. We thought about staying but I have to stretch these precious vacation days out as much as possible. Plus the colder temps are headed far south and will reach Tybee as well.

At least when we get back if there is snow we won't have to worry with plowing the driveway. We can just pull in the garage at the W. A snowy walk to work Wednesday morning but that is better than having to travel down Windy Gap Mountain and to Roanoke in the snow.

I always miss Paws & Paddles when we have to go. Sniff. But it is nice knowing we can come back in less than 4 weeks.

We do love our new urban life at the W as well. We were so forunate to have found just what we needed. Our neighbors are so nice and everything is taken care of for us. Dennis works so hard to keep everything just perfect. When I come home from work I can often smell the fresh scent that he uses when vacuming the floors as I walk in towards the elevator. Nice and no steps to struggle up.

Time to go pack. We are planning on leaving early to get back before dark. 

I almost forgot thanks to the two ladies at North Beach Grill at lunch today who let us pet and hug their two beautiful black standard poodles. I gave the larger male dog a big body hug the way I always did Hershey and it felt so good. He was a big boy but not nearly as large as Hershey. We both ended up wiping away tears.  We still miss our boy Hershey. 


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