Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Tuesday, 09/15/2015 Tybee Fun...

Enjoyed biking yesterday after dinner to the far north beach to watch the sun slide into the channel heading to Savannah.

Lovely view enhanced by the strong wind coming on shore.  It dropped quickly. We biked back to the Cottage just as darkness begin to fall.

This morning we had the second morning in a row where the sun resembled a large glowing orange as it rose in the east.

Note the dripping effect just before it cleared the horizon. Love it. 

We decided to bike down to the South Beach this morning at High Tide. It was amazing yesterday at Low Time to see all the sand bars and how it seemed you could almost walk to Little Tybee. Big difference today. All the sand bars where well underwater.

Very wild and natural looking as it makes the turn from the ocean to the back river.

A number of sand dunes with sea oats...

We enjoyed the swing. The breeze was so strong it handled the swinging!

I love that Beach Cottage to the left of the picture. It has been featured in Coastal Living in the past.

Fishermen and Kayakers love this part of Tybee.

We biked a number of miles.  The return trip was near A.J.'s restaurant...tomorrow may be raining ig the forecast is accurate. So...since it was a beautiful day to enjoy the deck at A.J.'s we treated each other to lunch.  Mike loves their fried oysters and scallops. I like the grilled Mahi/salad. I didn't have a problem eating a couple of his fried oysters. I couldn't resist.

Later this afternoon the small yellow fleshed watermelon was calling to us. Refreshing after a Mikie nap in the front yard. Yep the breeze through our palm trees lulls you right to sleep as it rattles the palms.

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