Saturday, September 12, 2015

Our tropical flowers from the W have relocated to Paws & Paddles Cottage!

We decided to bring our plants from our terrace at the W in Roanoke, Virginia to Tybee with us this trip. We will be down here the marjority of the fall/winter. We are hoping they will winter over successfully in Tybee.  So far they are looking pretty happy.

Mr. Mandevilla...

Ms. Hibiscus with Basil & Rosemary lurking by the Door!  Several more blooms set to open...

The herbs are just steps to the kitchen...quite handy!  A little basil chopped up with tomatoes on hot scrambled eggs with a dusting of grated cheese...yum.

I enjoy using the rosemay in cut flower arrangements. Smells heavenly! 

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