Friday, September 11, 2015

September in Tybee

So far September is as hot as August. The weather forecast for the next week shows a cooling down to 80s during the day and low 60s in the morning. Sounds just right for me!  Enjoyed a great afternoon on the beach yesterday...strong wind and low tide. I finished listening to my first for me audio book. Great for the beach. I had read South of Broad by Pat Conroy...I have read ALL his books multiple times.  Listening to it was even better.  Almost 18 from my OverDrive Library App that my friend Luke recommended. 

Mike is working on taming the Cottage's yard.  Our great smelling Jasmine vine is taking over the white picket fence. He has cut it back and it looks much better.  We moved our some of our plants down from the W on this trip.  They seemed to be doing well.  Pictures soon. The Hibicus is sporting about 5 buds getting ready to open. The Basil and Roseberry are good. The Mandevilla is starting to climb on the porch rails...still has lots of ruby red blooms.

I spent the morning sorting through 5 years of collected shells.  I know have one bowl of just olive shells collected from the North Beach.  Another of a mixture of my other favorites. Moon shells, augers,  and baby whelks.  The less favorites went into a lamp base for the middle bedroom. Filled it UP!

I love that old bait trap/can too...purchased it for the Cottage from our friends at Black Dog Salvage.

I found a perfect pink bloom to enjoy in a found glass that came with the Cottage.

I hung my turtle painting on the Turtle wall.  We have a small wall with several turtle scupltures. 

Clouds blocking the sunrise. But the color was amazing...

Looking forward to attending the Savannah ART WALK tomorrow from 4 to 8.  More later...

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