Friday, October 14, 2011

Two fun filled busy days...Oct. 13th and 14th...

We had a great day yesterday. A long shelling walk in the morning. We added a ton of auger shells, a few olives and one large whelk to our cottage shell collection. With the rough surf comes pretty shells. Then a bike ride in the Savannah Wildlife Refuge...about 25 miles from the cottage...a quick drive. We took the bikes and rode the 4 mile loop around. Lots of ibis, tri-colored herons, egrets, a big alligator and several small to medium snakes which were all polite and stayed to their side of the road. I don't have any pictures of the birds since it takes a huge zoom lens and we were biking. I do have some shots from our beach walk yesterday.

A baby Horseshoe Crab...don't recall seeing one this tiny before. There are hundreds of the adults on the North end of the Beach and it is extremely interesting to watch them digging their way into the sand and then watching how they make it back to the water.
It is a little alarming to look up from shelling and see two large ships that seem to be about to ram each other!
Hershey enjoys all the attention he receives from folks coming down the boardwalk. Even the crustiest and grumpiest always at least smile at him and most stop to talk to him and pet him.

The rocks on the North Beach provide protection for the dunes and the shore birds.

Lots of surf action and sea foam didn't faze them at all.

Loved the sea spray and foam in this one...

I can't get enough of the lighthouse...
Another couple of examples of perspective for  future paintings. The marsh scene is out our side sun porch windows. I was adamant about not putting curtains on these windows since we like to bird watch...look carefully for the egret.

Added the turtle painting to the fence in the back yard...a great place for the Webber grill and since it is fenced it has been a super spot for Hershey to be able to get some exercise and sit outside with us. I am still trying to get him to take an outdoor shower but he is antsy about coming in the shower with the door shut. And I am antsy about not shutting it...although it is totally private.

Mikey and Hershey. Mike mentioned that today we had been married 43 years! Hershey seemed impressed.

The Mermaids are now dancing at Paws & Paddles Cottage on the Sun Porch! Thanks to the Handy Husband.  Big Hug...and a big ladder needed. This porch is the reason we bought the cottage...indoors but feels like outdoors with lots of light...which is so important to me...and lots of Jane would say Happy Colors...Happy Feelings.

This morning the full moon was behind us and the sunrise in front of us...way cool!
Good Morning Sunshine! Off to get ready for another day in one of the most beautiful and friendly cities in America...Savannah...I even like just saying it...Savannah...

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