Saturday, October 22, 2011

A few more Tybee favorites...

The Sally Pearce Nature Trail. It is just a few blocks from Paws & Paddles and it takes you out to the Marsh. It is so close by... yet walking in... you quickly feel the wildness and beauty of the marsh and nature. It is publicly accessible and the painted bunting, brown thrashers, woodpeckers, chickadees, warblers, and many types of marsh and shore birds can be seen during the fall and spring.

A view from the the north beach...basically the end of the island...I was able at low tide to ride my bike on the beach to the very end. It was a beautiful day. The sun was very warm but the wind was probably 10 mph which made for perfect biking.

The view from the McQueen rails to trails bike path. We rode towards Savannah...6 mile round trip. We stopped on a foot bridge over the marsh and had a ring side view of the birds and boaters entering and leaving the waterway.  Nice. This is on the way in to Tybee several access points near Fort Pearce.
Mike at the end of the McQueen Trail...the live Oak was decorated in typical Quirky Tybee style!
The view from the foot bridge...water on one side with boats...on the other side the only thing visible was the marsh grass. As the boats entered the marsh it appeared they were running on top of the green marsh grass since you could not see the small stream of water snaking it's way through the marsh. 
So glad the Railroad donated the space for the trail...
A fishing pier along the trail.  The storms have taken their toll. We were racing along and shortly before we approached the large bridge a runner told us there was a wash out along the edge of the bridge. Good thing for us. There was a 2+ foot gap and we would have been seriously injured had we not stopped and carried the bikes over. I left a black flag on a large stick placed in the hole to warn future bikers, walkers, and runners. Just happened to have an old pair of black knee highs...I sometimes use them for hand warmers on the bike...thanks again to that runner for alerting us.
Mike leaning on the bridge with the grassy marsh side behind him...
This shot brought back nice memories of our boating days on Smith Mountain that swishing sound the water makes as the bow cuts through the smooth water in the still of the early morning. 
We love the natural wonders of Tybee. When we want a little more excitement...20 minutes or less and you can be parked in the Whittaker underground garage and walk across Bay Street to River Street in Savannah. If you go there be sure to duck in the Bohemian Hotel and take the elevator up to Rocks on the Roof for a great view. Ride down and it takes you to Rocks on the River Restaurant and River steps or uneven cobblestones to contend with for those of us with walking issues. Savannah has a very artsy and friendly vibe with a diverse and interesting mix of people. The history is amazing and if you go take one or more Trolley tours to learn more. The tours orient you and then the best way to see Savannah is on can literally walk until you drop...preferably into one of the world class restaurants!

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