Saturday, October 8, 2011

Hershey goes to the catch the sunrise

 Hershey was excited to go with us to the Beach to watch the Sunrise...
He was a little camera shy...for some reason he freaks out when you point a camera at him. Mike spent some time reassuring him but he still did not like it at all when I pointed the camera at him. He is such a handsome lad not sure why he doesn't like the sure likes him!    

A little cloudy this morning with a 7 mph breeze but 70 degrees so the breeze felt awesome.
The small mounds of trees are referred to as Hammocks...
Met a nice fellow today who has had several winning photos published in national magazines and he gave me a few pointers on taking photos. I like having things in the foreground and apparently that is one of the things you should shoot for...pun intended!

I took two of this shot and like this one the best...the other had all of the house at the right and just wasn't as interesting as this shot with just a suggestion of the house...
I like this shot of the path to the sunrise. They frequently have weddings on this section of the can tell how easy it would be to walk down this aisle to the minister...a sunrise wedding would be a great idea. Followed by a big Brunch instead of a typical reception.
I like the softness of this morning's sunrise behind the bank of slightly gray clouds.

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