Monday, October 10, 2011

Rainy Marsh Monday on Tybee...

This is our view out of the sun porch side window. The marsh is unusually full this morning. High Tide and it has been raining off and on since early morning. We went out for a walk with Hershey to get a better idea what the surrounding marsh looks like after and during a good rain.

The view front the back of our neighbor's Cottage a couple of doors up towards Horse Pen Creek. The dock looks much closer to the water that a typical high tide.

Another view of Horse Pen Creek Marsh...amazing how it has transformed from basically a sea of green to a lake in the space of a few hours. I usually find it hard to visualize how the boats and kayaks get in and out but today it is easy to see this as a Water Way.

We have decided to stay in the Cottage and resist the urge to run into Savannah. I wouldn't want Hershey to be scared if we were gone. He is usually fine to stay sacked out on the sunporch day bed. But he doesn't like loud thunder and lightning. The Day Bed is his favorite perch. We throw a giant blanket over the pillows and bed and he quickly claims it as is own. Yesterday I took a long nap on it with him and later he was like a two year old every time I got near the porch he would run and jump on the day bed to officially claim it as his own special place.

I plan on reading on the chaise and listening to the rain on the metal roof as the wind slips in throught the live oaks and the acorns go ping every so often. Reading Fierce Conversations by Susan Scott. It is a very thought provoking book which is the perfect read for a rainy Marsh Monday in a Tybee Cottage!

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  1. Forget reading! You should do more writing! I'm envious of your rainy day!


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