Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Sun is backing a come back!

The Sun played peek a boo with the clouds but it finally showed it's face. Very warm this morning...no need for the long sleeves. The clouds are heading away from the beach so we are planning a long beach bike ride for low tide this afternoon to see what the rough seas may have washed in.
The storm reshaped the dunes...loved how the sand looked...almost like a molten liquid...It always surprises me how quickly the temperature jumps up as soon as the sun shows it's smiling face.

Working on capturing a few shots with birds for future ideas for paintings.

Notice Mikey in the far right hand corner...standing with Hershey on the beach walkway.
Mike and Hershey...Hershey doesn't like having his picture taken but I sneaked this one in on him!

Our Swing

The inspiration for my turtle painting...planning on installing it this week when the Handy Husband has time.

Another bird shot...no pun...intended!

I liked the combo of the dune in the foreground and the surf and poles in the background for perspective...something I sure struggle with when painting.
Very uplifting...what an awe inspiring sight.

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