Saturday, September 19, 2015

Cloudy Day Fun...Home Goods Shopping!

We had a cloudy day with drizzle earlier this week. So...we headed to Home Goods in Savannah. I always enjoy checking out what they have.  I  " needed " a few ideas to help smooth out the cooking process at Paws.  

I realized that I didn't have a nice (non-plastic) drink pitcher.  I thought this one would be perfect for some ice cool Bellini's or Sangria.

Colorful and heavy enough not to be fragile.

We love cooking those fat white Georgia Shrimp on the stove. My pots didn't seem to be either the exact right size and they didn't mesh well with the smooth top cooking surface.  I usually also drain the pot with a separate colander.  That means two items to clean up.  Well I found one super nice pot that also drains. Perfect for seafood or pasta!  Yea.

It heats up so much faster.  Very important when you are starving after a day out on the beach!

I also needed several different sizes of rubbermaid mixing bowls...found a nest of three in my favorite red!  They each have rubber non-slip rings on the bottom and pouring spouts. Great for mixing up a salad or a batch of brownies. I made brownies on our last trip for the gang and had to mix them up in a large metal pot!  It worked. These are much better. Cuter too.

This morning (Saturday, September 19, 2015) the Sun came back out to greet us. Everything looks and feels so much happier when the Sun Shines!

Still some clouds...but the sun climbed over them and popped out all at once. Great breezy morning about 73 degrees. Perfect temperture for a long walk.

Lots of seafoam this morning. The white puffs were rolling after us in the breeze.

My walking buddy...

A favorite new sign...

Great advice for all of us...

I spent some time while it was cloudy planning a late November trip to Atlanta. We are looking forward to seeing the Aquarium, High Museum, the Carter Library/Museum, CNN, the Zoo, and the Botanial gardens. Looking forward to this roof top view at the Glenn Hotel in Atlanta.

If any of you have any suggestions of sites to enjoy or great places for lunch or dinner...let us know.

Off to grab some sunshine...

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