Saturday, September 12, 2015

What to do on a cloudy Saturday with a forecast of RAIN...

Well we counted on the Tybee Dome to keep the rain away. It worked. Well for a while.  We got in a nice beach walk and a second longer neighborhood walk to get in our 10,000 steps. By noon it was clear we were not seeing the sun today. So...

Off to Savannah.  We were planning on the ART WALK later around 4. It was only 1:30 so we decided on SOHO for lunch on West Liberty.  Our favorite lunch spot. It was great as always. We just scooted in they were closing early to get ready for a big private party. Free parking on the street on Saturday. Parked a couple of streets over. Darn just happened to be near the SCAD store. Always enjoy browsing in there.  They had really interesting floor cloths rubber type material kinda like a thin yoga mat but with amazing designs. 23 wide by 36 long...thinking they would be perfect in front of a sink or stove. They were so thin that they lay perfectly flat. The designs were awesome but at $90 it didn't jump in my arms...still thinking about them though.

Then we wanted to stop at Smith Brothers Butcher shop. We saw a Savannah TV show that showcased their new business. Fine Meats, Cheeses, Produce, and Wines. We tasted a couple of wines, some cheese, bacon and sausage. All wonderful. The cheese was like butter only better. I would enjoy shopping there again. Great displays and friendly people.

Smith's is located at 535 East Liberty near Broad Street in Savannah.

I had been wanting to go to Bottega Bellini at 417 Whittaker Street since it opened last December. A Facebook friend's daughter had opened the shop. She is enjoying living upstairs over the space while managing the business on the street level. So we stopped there next. It is so pretty with all things Italian. I have this big desire to travel to Italy and this shop was so much fun to visit. Loved everything. Decided on buying  things we could consume!  We have downsized and if I bring anything else in something has to leave!  Pasta, Sauce, and Peach Bellini mix!  We are ready for our own taste of Italy.

We enjoyed meeting Ashley. She told us she had lived in Florence at one time. I only wish I could tag along if she makes another trip there soon. 

It was still drizzling. We decided to do the Art Walk another time when the weather would enhance the fun. It is a monthly event. We will try again when it is sunnier and cooler as well. Now the only thing I need is a NAP!  A fun day.

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