Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Tybee Family Fun

We enjoyed our SWGBoy, SWDaughter and SWSon/inlaw's visit with us to Tybee. We ate good and got to play some too!  The Hurricane fizzled out YEA! We still had way more rain than we have ever experienced in Tybee. Lots and lots over the last several days.  Charleston, S.C. about 90 minutes north of here recorded the third most Rain in August since they started keeping records. 

We enjoyed being treated to lunch at A.J.'s by Lorrie and Marcelino. Awesome Flounder/Shrimp & Oysters with great salads. We convinced the SWGBoy that we needed a picture of him pretending to ride the big metal rooster!  He is a great sport. Love the designation signs there too. I keep saying I am going to build a designation pole and signs for Paws & Paddles. My thought is to review the Guest book and make signs for the top 10 or so places where our Guests hail from.  Maybe this fall/winter while we are being Snow Birds for the first time we can make it so!

Marcelino and Alex in the BIG Chair at A.J.'s

I enjoy capturing the sights we see at North Beach as we get our morning walk in each day. We have proof you CAN surf on Tybee. The surfer did great getting up on the board. He must have remained
vertical at least a half second. Not sure how I caught him standing. He was up & DOWN in a flash.

We are still seeing lots of beach weddings...

The clouds prevented the sun from breaking through. The breeze, birds singing, and the sound of the ocean made for a nice moment.

This Trawler was fishing a short distance away and very close in to the beach. 

The Trawler in the background and my favorite pelican/pole. I wonder if it is the same bird every morning. All the others are in large groups and do fly bys. Not this one. I wonder if there is a story. Perhaps his/her mate has perished? 

Mike got a nice shot of the full moon and the Tybee Light...we can hear the Fog Horns from Paws whenever the fog rolls in. A very pretty but somewhat lonely sound. I like it though.

The rain and thunderstorms have moved lots of sand around on the beach. They also deposited lots of new large pieces of driftwood on the Beach. I forgot to get a picture of the Huge shell Lorrie and Maricelino found near this piece of driftwood. It was almost as big as your head...almost. Still a lovely shiny peach color inside.  We later found two similar shells for her. So they now have a Daddy, Mommy, and Baby shell that are alike. 

These rocks always remind me of our trip to Bar Harbour, Maine...would love to return for some of that amazing Lobster and fresh Blueberry pancakes...

Another wedding...

Anne and I just biked to the IGA using the Bike route...a great ride from Paws on streets with almost no traffic this morning. I love riding my bike.  I will have to " need " something from the IGA everyday this fall/winter...


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