Saturday, August 29, 2015

Tybee Tymes...

We always find something interesting going on at North Beach when we go up for our Morning walk.
During the night we had some wind and heavy rain for an hour or so.  A little thunder and a bit of lightning. I love listening to the rain on the metal roof...makes for relaxed sleeping!  This morning was very wet at the beach and the parking area. Not the best day for a wedding but the couple was lucky and they stayed dry and were married on the Beach in front of the Tybee Lighthouse. In addition a large church group of 40 or so appeared to be holding services and perhaps baptized several people.

The breeze was nice and eventually we saw a bit of sun...

We try to get most of our 10,000 steps in each morning with a combination of walking to the North Beach, walking on the Beach and then usually enjoy the nice Greenway path through J.C. Park which takes us back towards Paws & Paddles. 

The SuperWonderfulGrandBoy and his parents arrived yesterday afternoon. TheSWGBoy and I squeezed in a Bike ride. I showed him the best way to the North Beach, and that Soloman road goes pretty much down the middle of the island and isn't paved so very few cars accept for the folks that live there.  He knows where the Bike path starts not far from the Cottage on Second street. It is one of my favorite streets. So many delightful old Cottages dressed up in Happy Colors. We enjoyed swinging together in one of the wonderful old Tybee porch swings that are located on the Beach. We had a great conversation about how things are going as a 7th grader. He loves learning and does extremely well in school. He is such a sweet and senistive youngster...about to become a teenager next May! 

We celebrated his Dad's Birthday with a Shrimp Boil and Birthday cake. Fat White Georgia Shrimp...YUM. We enjoy eating at our A.J.'s style table that a friend of Jane Coslick's made for us. We looked and looked and couldn't find the right table for the sunporch. We mentioned to Jane that we liked the outdoor tables at A.J.'s one of our favorite restaurants on Tybee...she said well that works...her friend made THEM!  So she had one made for us...Perfect for us!  We had not been able to love any of the chairs we had tried with the table.  We saw this style of metal chairs at SOHO restaurant in Savannah and they were comfortable. We ordered to be delivered to us at the W in Roanoke and brought them down in May. They still look brand new and they have heavy duty rubber on the legs so they don't scratch the floor...apparently we only like Restaurant Furniture!   

Cloudy this morning...with sprinkles...hoping for clearing later this afternoon so they get some Beach & Biking Tyme!

Keeping an eye on the hurricane in the seems to be breaking up and may be a tropical storm by the time it reachs south Florida.  I am blessed with my own weather Team. Mike has always been a weather hound and Alex is all about the weather. He wants to be a Metorlogist so he has plenty to do monitoring the weather and giving us up dates...more later. 

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