Sunday, August 4, 2013

Sunday Morning Tybee

Early up for everyone to enjoy a Tybee Sunrise and Beach walk. We had a pretty sunrise with a few clouds and a large ship thrown in for good measure.

Alex liked seeing the light show that the sun puts on for sunrise. We all enjoyed hearing bits and pieces of Bagpipe music! Yes, Tybee has a resident Bagpiper who frequently can be heard playing his traditional song to welcome the sun and a new day. He was farther up the beach but we could hear his song riding on the sound of the wind and the waves. Later we saw him walking towards us and we waved. I have chatted with him before and he is a very nice gentleman. He told me he had been playing for about 6+ years and was still hearing. He sounded perfect to me. It is always a special treat to hear him. He can be found on the north beach and he tries to situate himself where the sun comes up. So his location changes as the sun follows the seasons. 

Alex was looking for shells and the best shelling is around the far north side from the Lighthouse.
He found several nice olive shells and Mike picked up 5 pairs of sunglasses that the high tide brought in. You never know what the tide will bring you. The ocean takes and gives. It is always fun to come down to the waters edge and see what you might find.  We also saw a variety of sea life.  Horse shoe crabs, coral, and a multitude of shells in varying conditions. Always fun to find the olive shells because the are often in perfect shape and are naturally shiny.

This was one of many Horseshoe Crabs.

The birds are  the far north beach are the real draw for me. The Black and White Skimmers are beautiful with orange and yellow beaks that are always pointing down. Their beaks allow them to glide barely above the surface of the water and skim the water for food. My favorite bird on the island.

We walked so far we realized it was going to be a really long walk back for some of us with bare feet. Mike offered to walk back to the car so that we could keep going. We walked on the beach for another 20 minutes to where there was another Tybee Beach swing near the Polk Street beach exit. Thanks to cell phones he was able to call and we walked out the beach path and he picked us up! What a nice thing to do. It allowed us to walk nearly the whole way back around the island. You can see the bridge off the Island from where we stopped. The beach here has a slightly wild look and feel. My favorite place in the fall and winter to get out of the wind on a sunny day and spread out a blanket for a nap.

A nice morning. Capped off by Breakfast on the Sun Porch prepared by Chef Mike.

I think we may have tired them out. both the SuperWonderfulDaughter and SuperwonderfulGrandson are napping inside and Marcelino is napping outside on the lawn chair. I think they have slowed down to Tybee Tyme! 

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