Saturday, August 3, 2013

Saturday at Paws & Paddles 08/13/2013

We arrived at Paws and Paddles about 9:00 Friday evening. Nested a bit and put things away.  Hit the comfy bed around 10:30 and drifted off to sleep.

 Up early to watch the sunrise.

Air temp was 73 and the water temp was 80. The water felt wonderfully warm, soft, and smelled delightfully of the sea.

Mike came fully prepared, Hat, Sunglasses, Chair, Coffee, and of course with his iPhone!

Ahhh...that morning coffee. An early morning ship in the background leaving Savannah.

The sea oats in early August look so different than in the spring or fall. Very golden and heavy with seed. Beautiful.

I couldn't resist another picture of the Lighthouse looking through the sea oats...

The huge ships always surprise me as they glide silently by...

Liked this can see a reflection of what Mike is seeing in his sunglasses! The sunrise and the Ocean.

Heading back to the Cottage to see if the SuperWonderfulGrandBoy might be awake. Chef Mike is doing his special fluffy scrambled eggs, with chopped up Canadian Bacon, diced tomatoes, all topped with fresh parma cheese from Italy! Probably more Mermaid Coffee as well. The Mermaids have their own coffee blend and include a fresh canister in the Cottage so you are set when you arrive! Sweet. Love having breakfast on the Sun Porch. I almost live out here. My reading and writing chaise is extra soft and comfy. Just have to be careful and not take too many naps.

More later! It is time to eat and then play at the beach...lookout Tybee!

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