Sunday, August 4, 2013

Wringing the Most out of a Long Weekend on Tybee!

We have stayed on the go today after coming back from our early morning sunrise walk. Alex wanted some more beach time. We spent about 5 hours on the beach walking, making sand castles and mostly swimming to beat the heat. He is a great influence. We have been in the water more this week than any other time on Tybee.  The water was so warm it felt great. When we asked Alex how he was doing he said Amazing!  I think that covered it

We skipped lunch in favor of an early dinner at A.J.s on the Back River. Eating seafood seated on the dock is just a cool thing to do. Food is always good and the view is even better. Here is Alex sitting in the giant A.J.s Chair after dinner. He looks pretty happy!

Back now catching up on sharing photos from all of our various devices. We have some really good pictures to remember our trip by. Alex doesn't mind mugging for the camera and he is always ready to give you a quick pose for a shot. A.J.s sent us all home with a traveler...a Savannah and Tybee tradition. Tea, soft drinks, and the harder stuff is eagerly poured for you in to go cups. Quite a site to see adults walking around the Savannah Squares with elegant glasses full of adult beverages!

This is one of my favorite photos from this trip.

Me and the slightly wet and salty SWGBoy!

He enjoyed playing in the sand with his sand buckets. His favorite was for us to be in the water and ride the waves with him.  He was always fine with what ever we suggested. He is Such a good boy. Just like Hershey. Who by the way is vacationing at the Aspen Grove bed and breakfast in Roanoke, VA. He enjoys all the extra attention he gets. He especially likes romping with his favorite doggie friends  in their play yard.

Here is the handsome SWGBoy.

Don't you agree. He looks like a surfer dude in this shot. Grammie slicked back his wet hair and spiked it up a bit!

His Mom and Dad enjoyed their Tybee
 Tyme too.

We are all back at Paws and they are chilling in their suite...nice having the two additional bedrooms and bath so private and sectioned off behind a set of french doors. Total privacy for everyone.

Time to think about leaving tomorrow. I need to start putting things away for a smooth getaway in the morning. Marcelino and I are excited to be back at work on Tuesday.  Looking forward to getting them all down here again soon. Thanks to the MerMaids and Tybee for being "our" special Place!

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