Sunday, August 18, 2013

Living at The Woolworth

exWe are semi-moved in and now have spent two nights here. The Woolworth is a mouth full so we are referring to it as the W! Life at the W so far is good. Friday was beautiful. Saturday and the first part of Sunday cloudy and rainy. We are still bringing things from the Mountain house. Trying to find the right space for everything. One thing that has worked well is we created a landing zone near the front door. I repurposed a small cherry bookcase made by my grandfather by putting slate on the top with a ceramic dish for keys and glasses. They are always in the same place and are right by the door when you leave. Important since we have an electronic key fob that buzzes us in the building and you don't want to be locked out. I also purchased a number of cloth bins and put them on each shelve. Plenty of room for a mail drop,Hershey's leash, caps, etc. All handy put neatly stowed away. We have met a number of our neighbors. Everyone is so friendly and nice. We have at least three neighbors with dogs. Hershey has met Bella and King James. Bella is a mix  and James is a small Yorkie. James is big in spirit. He fought off a bear last spring! He survived but the bear did  lots of damage. Thanks to good vet care and lots of TLC you would never know. James and Hershey are buddies. Bella and Hershey are yet to meet but Hershey loves everyone. Hershey is handling the change well. He is cool with the elevator and goes right in and sits down on command to wait for the door to open. We have found plenty of green spaces to walk him. He knows what is expected and has done well. He is sleeping a lot and is quieter than usual. We are keeping a eye on him to see if the   Lymphoma is worsening. We are waiting on about 50% of our furniture to arrive. But we have enough to be comfortable. Enjoyed coffee on the terrace and taking Hershey on a short walk to buy the Roanoke Times from a machine right in front of their building! I love watching people smile ad Hershey walks by! He frequently scores a pet so he is happy being a urban pooch!

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