Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Tuesday, April 23rd of 2013 on Tybee Island

We woke up to a cloudy and windy morning. Up early to catch the sunrise. But the low hanging coastal clouds had other ideas. We went to North Beach but really didn't see the sun this morning. It peaked it's head above the clouds as we were coming back in to Paws and Paddles Cottage. Mikie took care of breakfast and we spent some time catching up on chores and email while it was still cloudy. The sun smiled on us around 1:00 and we got Hershey out for a nice walk. Then headed over to the North Beach to test out our new beach towel/pillow bag rolls we purchased from a nice lady on Etsy! Well they have now been beach tested and they are great. Mike was asleep in less than 5 minutes. The warm sun, ocean roar, and the comfy pillow and towel...he was a goner! Me too shortly thereafter! We enjoyed catching some rays and a nap at the same time. A nice day. We ran in to Eric Alstead who is the delightful fellow that helped us renovate Paws and Paddles. Nice guy and we enjoyed catching up. Heard from Jane Coslick that she is in the middle of another big Cottage redo. Hoping to see her this week. And Roanoke friends are on their way to Florida and are going to be able to stop in on their way down tomorrow. So excited! We have only had Lorrie and her family and our Sailboat friends so far as guests at Paws and Paddles. We are excited and looking forward to seeing them. Hershey said he was excited too and we could reclaim his day bed on the porch for guest seating. LOL. I snapped a few pictures of the beach activity before taking a beach nap. We had another nice dinner on the porch here. I have discovered how to make Sangria and we love it! Chilling and looking forward to the latest Navy NCIS one of the few TV shows we make time to watch. Love Mark Harmon a.k.a. Gibbs. Every one needs a nice head slap now and again. Oh, and we got our Oyster Shell mirror hung in the great room...looks nice! The last picture is a painting by Roanoke artist Eric Fitzpatrick. It has a coastal flair...he is an amazing artist and wonderfully nice gentleman. Thought I would share this in case you had not had the pleasure of seeing any of his work. His studio in Roanoke, VA is open this weekend for tours along with many other artists in the Roanoke area.

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