Saturday, April 27, 2013

2013 Savannah Chalk Art Sidewalk Festival

We had been looking forward to this all week. The event did not disappoint. We went in to Savannah early and were there when the artists started their squares. We stayed till around one and then went to some of the delightful shops on Whittaker Street. I had noticed the James Hogan shop and had visited their web site. Couture clothing made by James Hogan and several high end off the rack lines. Since my mother's maiden name was Hogan I was interested and wanted to see the shop even though it was way out of my league. The shop was beautiful and a handsome young man who was beautifully dressed met us and introduced himself as Mark. He was delightful. He asked if I might have an event coming up that I needed a custom outfit for. Plain old me just told him the truth, " I'm really not an Event kinda girl. " He could not have been nicer even though he knew I was just a tourist. He said oh really but you are so pretty! What a nice thing to say to an old gal well past her prime. Very Sweet. If I should ever have an Event that I might need custom clothing forJames Hogan and team have first dibs on my business. The events in my life are rather ho hum. Going to work. Coming home from work. Walking the dog. Riding the bike. That's about it. So unless I discover a different lifestyle I will continue to be an off the rack and on sale kinda girl. I stopped in a few other shops. My favorite was One Fish Two Fish. I lusted after several HUGE Bellamy landscapes. I found a beautiful cotton cottage rug for the kitchen at Paws. The nice sales person gently wrapped it up in tissue paper and deposited it in a beautiful Tiffany Blue shopping bag tied with a beautiful fuchsia ribbon. As we were walking back to the car a lovely southern belle stopped and said, " You have just been to my Favorite Shop in all of Savannah. " I would have to agree with her. Based on her accent and gentle manners I am betting she is a Savannah native. Nice Lady. Lady with a capital L.

After returning to Tybee for some time enjoying the water and beach. We decided to take Hershey in to check out the completed Chalk art. They had evolved quite a bit since earlier in the day. I know in my own painting I am tempted to stop too soon on a painting. I work so hard and if it starts to come together sometimes I don't want to goof it up my continuing. That is usually a mistake. I was very impressed with all of these talented people. The art piece that looks like a cover of Time magazine was done by a SCAD professor and a team of students. It was amazing and huge. This was done as a memorial to the 42 year old gentleman who passed away last year. Very touching. It took the team all day to complete it. The professor told us what an amazing man he was and how they missed him. RIP.

I wanted to post some of the sidewalk pictures that are just amazing. Keep in mind these were drawn in just a few hours on sidewalks that were less than pristine. A gazillion people were walking around and sometimes on top of the artists. Loads of dogs of all distributions. People of all types, dress, and nationalities. I loved it. If you notice carefully in the pictures you will be able to see the first three place winners. Kermit the Frog was number ONE!

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