Monday, April 22, 2013

The Georgia Botanical Gardens of Savannah

The Georgia Botanical Gardens are located just 20 minutes from the historic district in Savannah. Fifty acres of amazing flowers, bamboo, and beautiful trees.

We especially like the Winter Camellias. In December 2006 I was home recovering from spinal cord surgery to remove a tumor. It was a rough time. I walked the floors and looked out the windows to try and relieve the pain. I noticed in our heavily wooded side yard what looked to be a beautiful full red rose blooming. One it was December and two we did not have a rose bush and if we did it wouldn't be deep in the woods of our side yard. We had never noticed it before. I was able to carefully walk through the woods to see what it was. It was bright red with a yellow center. The leaves were glossy green and there were other buds. I was amazed and it cheered me up and look my mind off the pain. I googled the description of the flower and it turned out to be a Winter Camellia. So I have had a soft spot for them ever since. I will assume that it was likely planted by the birds dropping seeds. It was about 4 to 5 feet tall so it had to have been there before. Perhaps we were just to busy to see it before...or it was there because I needed it to be. You decide.

Our other favorites were the beautiful orchids, bearded iris, and roses. The water garden and small lakes were stunning. The waterfall and lilies were amazing. I could have just spread out on the ground and taken a nap listening to the waterfall. Picnic tables and benches were plentiful I wish we had known. When we return we will bring a picnic lunch. Lots of shady spaces near the lakes to enjoy lunch and a nap.

We enjoyed our afternoon and it was a nice surprise that the University of Georgia provides all of this to the public at no charge. We encountered several employees working with the plants and all were very friendly and knowledgeable. We will return and would highly recommend a visit to anyone that enjoys gardens and is up to some significant walking. We stayed over 2.5 hours walking all but for a brief rest at the waterfall.

We skipped lunch so were ready to head back to Paws & Paddles to fire up the grill and cook dinner. The sun felt so good we were glad to have spent the entire day outside. After dinner we took another long walk with Hershey. We walked to the RV Campground to see if we might get to introduce Hershey to the 4 Standard Poodles that are staying there. We didn't see Cindy but will walk back that way again. I would be thrilled to see Hershey with 4 other Standard Poodle brothers!

I am trying to walk at least 2 miles per day. My feet are feeling like it may have been 10 or more today!

Looking forward to another pretty day tomorrow. We were delighted to see the Sun Smile at us today. The forecast is looking good so far.


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